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IES Sigtuna School Year Dates: 

(Swedish below)

Autumn Term 2021:
School start: 
F - 3: Tuesday 17 August
4 - 8: Wednesday 18 August  
End of term: Tuesday 22 December
Autumn break: 1 - 5 November (week 44)

Spring Term 2022
School start: 
Tuesday 11 January (all students)
End of term: Friday 10 June
Sports break: 28 Feb - 4 March (week 9)
Easter break: 11 - 14 April (week 15)
Extra holiday: 27 May


Höstterminen 2021  
F - 3: tisdag 17 augusti    
4 - 8: onsdag 18 augusti  
Skolavslutning tisdag den 22 december  
Höstlov vecka 44 

Vårterminen 2022
tisdag den 11 januari (alla)
Skolavslutning fredag den 10 juni
Sportlov vecka 9
Påsklov vecka 15
Klämdag 27 maj  


Välkommen till vår digitala rundtur

Välkommen till vår digitala rundtur

Till skolstarten i augusti 2021 slår vi upp portarna till IES Sigtuna. Just nu bygger vi en helt ny modern skolbyggnad anpassad för lärande. Skolan ligger i området Sigtuna Stadsängar, ett nybyggt område med hållbarhetsprofil strax utanför centrala Sigtuna. När skolan är fullt utbyggd kommer den ha två klasser i varje årskurs - från förskoleklass till och med årskurs nio.

Är ni nyfikna på hur IES skolor är? Ta er gärna tid att besöka oss via en digital rundtur på några av våra andra skolor. Här finns det ett antal filmer som ger er en inblick i vad vi, våra elever och deras föräldrar tycker är viktigt för att skapa en bra skola.

Meet two of our Upper Primary teachers: Ms Brittany Barrowcliffe and Ms Areerat Khamphira

Warm greetings to future guardians and students of IES Sigtuna

My name is Ms. Brittany Paige Barrowcliffe, one of IES’s newly appointed grade 4-6 Science teachers. I am absolutely thrilled and humbled by this amazing opportunity to be a part of this incredible new adventure at IES Sigtuna.

I am originally from a small historical town called Grahamstown in the rainbow nation that is South Africa, where I was able to work closely in boarding schools, teaching grades 2 - 3 and run my own small art school - before moving abroad. For the past four years I have been teaching grade 3-5 in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. I was given the opportunity to be subject coordinator, working closely with the curriculum to ensure students receive a well rounded education.

The new adventure now awaits, as I have been incredibly fortunate to receive a teaching position to join a dynamic team run by Principle Sandy Schäfer at IES whose ethos and philosophy resonates strongly with me in what looks like a beautiful city of Sigtuna. I am beyond excited to learn and grow further in my career through experienced and enthusiastic educators - to ultimately create a holistic learning environment that caters to students academic and personal needs. This ensures that each student grows and develops to be a confident, critical thinker that can tackle anything that the world throws at them.

I grew up in a small village in South Africa called Hogsback, before moving to Grahamstown, I’m sure the name says it all (which makes me somewhat of a bush baby). My entire childhood was based on climbing any tree I could find, diving into crystal clean waters, bathing in massive waterfalls and searching for any sort of bug I could find. None of this has really changed as I love being outdoors, hiking, riding my bike, horse riding and still searching for any kind or critter to investigate. Nature is a powerful inspiration for me - after studying a year of Nature conservation and all the places I have traveled and explored, I used all my knowledge and understanding to drive my love for the fine arts and drama.

I also love sports, and keeping active wherever I can, I love playing tennis, netball, swimming, running and a bit of field hockey. Moving to Sweden opens up even more sports to try, so I can't wait to go skiing the first opportunity I get.

Im am incredibly excited to meet, get to know and have ‘Fika’ with everyone in the new academic year!

Ms. Barrowcliffe.


Mitt namn är Areerat Khamphira, men min familj och mina vänner kallar mig för ”Fufu”. Jag är en nyexaminerad grundskollärare. På IES kommer jag att undervisa i SO och svenska för årskurs 4. Det är något som jag ser fram emot!

Jag är från Thailand och flyttade till Sverige 2003 tillsammans med min mamma och storasyster. Vi bodde i Värmland fram till 2013 och sedan flyttade jag till Sigtuna. Jag bor i Sigtuna med min sambo och min fluffiga kanin som heter Bengt. På fritiden är jag bland annat engagerad som karateinstruktör för vuxen- och barngruppen Tsu Shin Gen - Japanese Mix Fight. Vår dojo finns i Prästängshallen i Sigtuna. Jag tycker det är roligt och spännande att instruera.

Det ska bli en spännande och utmanande resa på mitt första jobb som lärare på IES!


My name is Areerat Khamphira, but my family and friends call me "Fufu". By the summer I am a newly graduated primary school teacher. At IES, I will be teaching Swedish and Social Studies in year 4. This is something I look forward to!

I am from Thailand and moved to Sweden in 2003 with my mother and older sister. We lived in Värmland and I moved to Sigtuna 2013. I currently live in Sigtuna with my partner and my fluffy rabbit Bengt. In my spare time I am a karate instructor for the adult and children's group Tsu Shin Gen - Japanese Mix Fight. Our dojo is located at Prästänghallen in Sigtuna. I think instructing is fun and exciting.

It will be an exciting and challenging journey at my first job as a teacher at IES!