Hello to the IES Sigtuna families! My name is Ms Georgia Hawker and I am very excited to inform you that I will be the Student Care Manager at IES Sigtuna.

I am originally from Wales within the UK, and grew up in a very rural small town and often would be helping my grandparents on their farm close by. I eventually moved to the big city and I qualified as a teacher in 2016 and worked for 3 years in a large diverse school just outside of London working in middle management as a Year Leader and Department Leader . I moved to Sweden in August 2019, where I have been working at IES Sundbyberg ever since. My current role is as the Behaviour Manager and I also remain as the Head of Year 4 which involves helping students transition into a new school environment. I am very much looking forward to the next chapter in my career working as the Student Care Manager. I am extremely passionate about working in pastoral care with children and supporting childrens’ well-being so they are able to have the best possible outcomes and experiences while at school and beyond. 

I am a firm believer in the IES ethos and the importance of a calm, safe learning environment for students with clear expectations for both students and teachers. I am very excited about working in IES Sigtuna because of the strong and passionate leadership team, the positivity and drive behind the staff and family feeling that IES Sigtuna exudes. We are one large community and are here to support each other so that our children reach their full potential.

I am most looking forward to meeting the students and building relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. I can’t wait to work collaboratively with parents, teachers and students. 

I am passionate about creative education as I come from an art and design background. In my spare time I love woodworking, painting and illustration. You will often find me with a dozen different coloured highlighters and pens as I am what you would call a ‘visual learner’. In my spare time I am a lover of reading, specifically science fiction novels and have slowly been building up my book collection since moving back to Sweden. I also am a keen swimmer, and love to make the most of the beautiful lakes in the region during the summer… and the winter if I am feeling adventurous (and there is a sauna nearby!)

I am so looking forward to meeting you all!