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IES Sigtuna School Year Dates: 

(Swedish below)

Autumn Term 2021:
School start: 
F - 3: Tuesday 17 August
4 - 8: Wednesday 18 August  
End of term: Tuesday 22 December
Autumn break: 1 - 5 November (week 44)

Spring Term 2022
School start: 
Tuesday 11 January (all students)
End of term: Friday 10 June
Sports break: 28 Feb - 4 March (week 9)
Easter break: 11 - 14 April (week 15)
Extra holiday: 27 May


Höstterminen 2021  
F - 3: tisdag 17 augusti    
4 - 8: onsdag 18 augusti  
Skolavslutning tisdag den 22 december  
Höstlov vecka 44 

Vårterminen 2022
tisdag den 11 januari (alla)
Skolavslutning fredag den 10 juni
Sportlov vecka 9
Påsklov vecka 15
Klämdag 27 maj  


Welcome to our digital tour

Welcome to our digital tour

The doors to IES Sigtuna will open in August 2021. We are currently building a completely new modern school building with everything required to offer students the ideal learning environment. The school is located in the area Sigtuna Stadsängar, a new and sustainable area being built just outside central Sigtuna.  In a few years, the school will have two classes in each year – from förskoleklass to year nine.

Are you curious what life is like at IES? Do take the time to do a digital tour in some of our other schools. Here you may find several films which we hope will provide you with insight of what we, our students and their parents consider to be important in creating a good school.

Student Care Team - Monthly newsletter

SCT, Newsletter

Our wonderful Student Care Team has released a new monthly newsletter. The focus of this month is on 'Mental Health and Suicide Prevention'.

Please have a read for some useful tips and important contacts!

Posted in SCT

News article by our founder Ms. Barbara Bergström

Ms. Barbara Bergström

Our founder Ms. Barbara Berström published a very interesting article on the rumours around independant schools and 'glädjebetyg' or grade inflation. Our teachers are dedicated professionals that always strive to achieve the main objective which is to educate our students. We always strive to remain true to our ethos which is to have high expectations on our students and to support them to achieve it. 

An interesting read written by a wise woman. 

Barbara Bergström: Lögner om friskolor sprids utan ände

The Purple Chair

Storytelling, library

Ms. Schäfer introduces 'The Purple Chair'

The idea for this special chair in our library is serve as more than just a place to sit and read stories to our students. On this chair we intend to have many very special guests that will come and tell their life stories and pass on their wisdom to our younger generation. These stories will vary from different kinds of work experiences, or perhaps stories of foreign countries where they grew up or visited. Stories of interesting experiences of different cultures or just funny stories of how life can sometimes be unpredictable. We hope for these stories to enrich and broaden the minds of our students, to make them curious and adventurous and to inspire them to learn and explore the world. 

It is time...let the storytelling begin.